Aftermovie XebiCon'17 - Build the Future

XebiCon est la conférence qui vous donnera les clés pour tirer le meilleur des dernières technologies. En 2017, les 1000 participants se sont retrouvés lors de 42 conférences pour partager et échanger sur la Data, l'IoT, l'agilité, etc. Nous vous donnons rendez-vous le 20 novembre 2018 au Palais Brongniart. xebicon.fr

DataXDay - The internals of query execution in Spark SQL

If you want to get even slightly better performance of your structured queries (regardless whether they are batch or streaming) you have to peek at the foundations of Dataset API starting with QueryExecution. That's where any query ends up at and my talk starts. The talk will show you what stages a structured query has to go through before execution in Spark SQL. I'll be talking about the different phases of query execution and the logical and physical optimizations. In the end, I'll do a live coding session to show the steps to write logical and physical optimizations in Scala. Jacek - Laskowski https://dataxday.fr/

DataXDay - Building a Real Time Analytics API at Scale

This talk will cover how we redesigned our analytics API from the ground up to serve metrics in near real time from billions of events per day. We'll go through the tools we considered for the job to how we actually implemented our solution, starting from the datastore up to the whole data pipeline and its API, leveraging Golang, Kubernetes, GCP and Citus. Sylvain Friquet - Algolia https://dataxday.fr/