Il y a 7 années

Calendrier de l’Avent

Tout au long du mois de décembre, vous avez pu découvrir, jour après jour, les dessins de GABS (dessinateur du Nouvel Obs) qui a collaboré avec Xebia pour vous offrir une BD clin d’œil, illustrant quelques scènes de la vie quotidienne du Petit Monde Enchanté des SSII. Voici la version intégrale : [book id=’1′ /]...


FrenchKit 2016 - Mixins vs Inheritance with OLIVIER HALLIGON

Mixins vs Inheritance Swift protocol extensions and their usage as Mixins & Traits can create very powerful patterns. Discover how Mixins can help you solve some interesting and common problems… in quite magical ways!

FrenchKit 2016 - Reactive Programming with RxSwift with FLORENT PILLET

Reactive Programming with RxSwift In this introduction to reactive programming and RxSwift you'll learn how common problems are solved in a reactive way to improve your architecture and write more reliable code.

FrenchKit 2016 - Building your UI Developer’s Toolbox with Playgrounds with HUGUES BERNET ROLLANDE

Building your UI Developer’s Toolbox with Playgrounds Building a UI can be frustating when it comes to tweaking the timing, size or other dimensions of your UI component. Let’s explore how to build a set of tools that will ease this process in Xcode using Playground. We will cover the basics of interactive Playground, some techniques to help with interfacing and then review two UI tools to help with timing animation and view resizing.